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Learn about MVP building, business ideas, outsourcing, being a non-technical founder, and whatever else is on my mind right now.
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It has been very helpful in my current job. It has helped me take the various skills I've gained in sales, project management, marketing and pull it all together to develop a new product.
Gloria Santos
Become a Product Manager
This is an awesome course with a lot of good information.It goes over different angles, business models and risk levels. It really helps you define and match a venture/project to you.
Fabulous material--best online course I've ever taken (and I got my doctorate online). Cannot recommend more highly although I feel there's room to take this outstanding product and make it off-the-charts spectacular
Micheleigh PerezBecome a Product Manager
Excellent course, I recommend. The instructors have a lot of knowledge and a very good didactic. Buy one more course from them.
Another excellent course from Evan that I really enjoyed. Although, I already have an idea that I'm building my business around, the course helped me to take a more systematic view at some of the concepts and make some adjustments. It was certainly worth it for me.
This is very practical framework for anyone who wants to learn how to test new ideas quickly. Summary of lectures attached as handouts, and membership in Evan's Slack workspace comes free of charge.
Great course to learn about Product Management. Lots of practical tips. After taking this course I got more confident about moving to Product Management role.
Ramalingam SubramaniBecome a Product Manager
This is the clearest explanation on how to build a viable business and startup that I have ever come across and believe me I've looked for years!!!
Great course. It had a lot of good information. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't just about selling yourself but it taught you how to write copy. The lessons were short so they kept me interested and feeling accomplished. The examples were the best part because it showed how what you are learning is being applied.
Excellent course. Clearly defines all the key areas in a structured manner. Anyone who has worked on projects before or has exposure to agile environment will be able to understand the concepts better.
With no background in Product Management, I consider this course to be rich as I am learning new concepts in almost every lecture. The tutors have simplified the course for everyone to just glide through. I recommend this course.
Was really skeptical about this course since this is a topic you can really bullshit about. However, Evan went far above my expectations. Even tho I know a lot of the concepts covered in this lecture I still was able to learn a lot.

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I'm the Founder and Director of Sprintkick, a full-service, referral-only digital agency based out of San Francisco. Over the past four years I've overseen the development and launch of over 100 web and mobile apps. Clients range from two-man bootstrapping startups to multibillion dollar Fortune 100s like Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods, and GNC. Prior to Sprintkick I worked as a VC for a new firm called Juvo Capital, based out of L.A. I spearheaded the firm's expansion into Silicon Valley and into the Consumer Web tech category.

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